Examples of stories

Here are a few demonstrations of multimedia in action. These stories take advantage of different types of visuals and audio to create unique experiences for audiences.

"My Travels with the Curse of the Maracanã"

The New York Times

In anticipation of the 2014 World Cup, The New York Times sent illustrator Christoph Niemann to Brazil in search of the soul of soccer. What he found instead is a curse that still hangs over the country, decades after the highly favored home team lost in the final game of the 1950 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. In this animated storybook, Niemann meets this curse — and befriends him — and does his part to unmake that goal that has haunted Brazil for 64 years. “My Travels with the Curse of Maracanã” is a fun, entertaining,and creative integration of photos, animated illustrations, audio and text to tell the story of a decades-old story of a country’s love for soccer and despair over its inability to capture a World Cup title after a heartbreaking loss.

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"Loosing Ground"


In 50 years, most of Southern Louisiana will be part of the Gulf of Mexico. The state is losing a football field of land every 48 minutes — 16 square miles a year — due to climate change, drilling and dredging for oil and gas, and levees on the Mississippi River. At risk: Nearly all of the nation’s offshore oil and gas production, much of its seafood production, and millions of homes. “Loosing Ground” is a rich interactive graphic that allows you to explore the Louisiana coastline to see how it’s slowly sinking into the Gulf of Mexico. This package is a great example of how interactive graphics can take you where words and pictures alone cannot and provides a detailed, analytical look at a very important story.

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National Geographic

Mindsuckers is a National Geogrpahic series that welcomes you to a freakish world where parasites compel their hosts to do their bidding. In addition to a feature article that tells the story of ladybugs turned zombies by voracious predators, the the series includes a stunning photo gallery and a fascinating “bug step” video that syncs quick cut images of bugs with electronic dance music. But perhaps the most compelling part of the package is a series of interactive graphic novellas with titles like “On Sinister Pond,” “The Case of the Fearless Rat,” and "The Sting of Doom.” The graphic animations tell the stories of bizarre microscopic flatworms, toxic parasites and wasps that drug the brains of their prey with powerful stingers. Together, these pieces are educational, entertaining and eerily compelling!

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