Who tells multimedia stories?

Multimedia storytelling is becoming more and more popular in many different fields. Journalists use multimedia to tell news stories in interesting ways. Authors of children’s books make their stories come alive with multimedia. Curators – the people who create museum exhibits – use multimedia to enhance displays. And textbook developers and publishers explore ways to enhance learning with multimedia content.

We live in an increasingly digital world. So practicing your multimedia storytelling skills may come in handy in a lot of different ways. Who knows? Maybe someday, multimedia storytelling will be part of your job!

Some storytellers

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Jim Davis

Davis is the creator of Garfield, published since 1978.

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Brandon Pope

Pope is a TV reporter who makes the most of social media to reach audiences.

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Tyson Whiting

Whiting designs multimedia experiences for Vox.com and is influenced by a passion for comicbooks.

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Alberto Pimienta

Pimienta is a bilingual reporter for Voice of America in Washington, DC.

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